Buying a Panasonic Pencil Sharpener

So you want buy a Panasonic pencil sharpener?  Look no further.

Panasonic is a leading brand in offering this new technology- offering the most efficient way to sharpen your pencils. No more hassles or messing around to sharpen a lead pencil. Panasonic offers electric sharpeners in the following range:

Panasonic KP-150

Panasonic kp150bkThis is a vertical shaped device, made for the convenience of its users. It is very easy to carry, requiring less space on the desk. It carries an automatic fuse and the Led indicator light also. This device has an automatic stopping feature that satisfies the consumer needs and minimises any messing around with buttons. Moreover it performs quite well. The exterior is made from steel. It is easy to use, widely used in countries all over the world especially in the United States.

This model of the Panasonic achieved the highest rankings and consumer praise and it is said to be, while the most expensive, also the most efficient pencil sharpener which Panasonic produce. The price listed as $149.95. It is available in black color which makes it fit seamlessly into the office, school or workplace environment. The heavy duty interior can be seen through the transparent outer body and it also blinks when the pencil is completely sharpened.

Panasonic KP- 380

Panasonic KP380BKAs a contrast to the above mentioned model of this brand, the KP-380 comes in horizontal shape. It also carries an automatic stop feature. It is also a much lower priced model which is good for those needing to buy an electronic pencil sharpener on a budget. The most heavy duty products are available at $42, subsequently, the light powered and the plastic body products are available at a very cheap rates. It has a suction cup inside and it’s crisp and sharp, saves money, energy, and time of the end-users.

Panasonic KP- 310

This model also provides efficient offering. It sharpens the pencil without creating any mess, conveniently, easily and quickly. The features are almost same as the above models. It’s a reliable and a durable product. Heavy in weight, having sealed motor inside and having an auto stop feature, this product is suitable for domestic as well as for the commercial use.
Panasonic(R) KP-310 Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black

Panasonic KP- 4ABK

This product works on its battery. It performs very well on larger scale and it is very sharp and quick in operation. It carries a carbon steel cutting wheel and works on the same principles of the above mentioned models, but the only difference is that the cutters start working by fitting the batteries inside and this features make them more portable and easy to use domestically and commercially. They are available in large variety of colors as well.

Panasonic KP-006Ab

This product is the newest model among all the Panasonic Pencil Sharpeners. Like the features of the above mentioned models, this model also contains the latest auto stop features. Works efficiently, quickest and as the latest one, its features are the most advanced ones. It is available at $25 approximately.
Panasonic products are suitable to every type of end- user internationally, available through online as well as on the company outlets. They durable products are offered with company’s one year warranty and company also offer the customers to get these products repair in case they get some problem.


  1. December 21st, 2011| 5:11 pm

    I want to buy two Panasonic KP380 pencil sharpeners. How can I do this??????????? If possible, send me a phone number to call to order.

  2. Monty Shambleau
    February 6th, 2012| 8:25 pm

    How much is the Panasonic KP 310 pencil sharpener?

  3. Sung Nee
    February 28th, 2012| 8:22 am

    I need to know the size range of pencils these sharpeners can take. In other words the smallest diameter pencil to the largest diameter pencil each of these units can take.

    Take for example one model that I have seen (not Panasonic), the size of pencil is from 6.5mm to 8mm. Another one can take 6.5mm to 16mm.

    Where can I get this information?

  4. Admin
    February 28th, 2012| 8:44 am

    Hi Jeanne, the KP380 appears to be discontinued or nonexistent. Perhaps consider purchasing a KP150BK.

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